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I Expect You To Die Review

A Fun and Funny parody spy themed escape room game

Reviewed by Griffin on 30th November 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality


While the game does not list WMR support I played the whole game using the HP Reverb G2 with no major issues.

I Expect You To Die is a Humorous escape room type game themed in a classic bond style Spy thriller, this is a welcome change from the all to common horror escape rooms out there.

There is only a loose story used as a justification to get you between each level but the delivery to get you there and the settings are all very fun.

Each level if you know what to do takes about 3 or 4 minutes to complete but trust me, the first time you play you will be dying and restarting levels very frequently.

The games campaign including the Death engine update took me about 3 hours to complete, this of course will very wildly based on how long it takes you to figure out each puzzle, however as I do not play this genre often, I would assume I was a little slower to complete the game than any average player of the genre.

The Specs I played on:

i7 7700k

GTX 1080 ti.

16gb Ram

HP Reverb G2

Graphics & Presentation

Visually this game does not look bad really but it doesn't look particularly special either. The game does a slightly cartoony style that helps cover up a fewer lower quality textures and assets that are infrequently in each level, none of which was particularly distracting.

Sound FX & Music

The Music was all fine and fit with the aesthetic of the game however none of it stood out to me that much.

However, I was quite impressed by the voice acting in the game, there are not a lot of characters and they only communicate off screen (there are no NPC's) most of the talking is done by a Q like person guiding you through the level and giving funny dialogue and it all sounds quite good and professional.

In a few other levels there are also some minor characters who also deliver some good dialogue.

Gameplay & Immersion

The game play is basically the classic stuff you would expect from an escape room, jigsaw like puzzles, combination locks, colour or number codes, and a bit of quick thinking are the sorts of things you can expect, it was all quite fun and each level was original enough with different puzzles to keep things fresh.


Most of the controls were fine throughout the experience however there were two things of note.

Space re-calibration is only done once each time you start the game so players with a smaller room space make sure you are in a good position to reach around you as there is no locomotion, and you may bump into walls.

This is probably just a WMR/G2 specific issue but the game features a telekinetic grab to get things normally out of reach but to attract or repel these items when grabbed requires the use of the thumb stick which seems to be expecting a trackpad type swipe input, I found this extremely finicky and awkward to use when playing, and used a community binding to help fix it but it was still not perfect

Value & Replayability

This part is really my biggest hangup with the game. As mentioned the game only took me about 3 hours. It would maybe take another 30 minutes to 1 hour if I got all the collectables but with virtually no repeatability and a rather short campaign I dont see a great value.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier this games biggest issues is its limited content and high asking price, if you are someone looking to maximize your dollars to play time this is not the game. I purchased the game on sale and would recommend other do the same unless you are a big fan of non-horror escape rooms games.

  • A well polished experience
  • Good voice acting
  • Interesting puzzles
  • Game can be completed very quickly
  • Rather high asking price
  • Not much replayability

Reviewed by Griffin on 30th November 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality

6 out of 10

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I Expect You To Die
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