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Homestar VR

A VR App available for Vive, Rift, PSVR, Quest & Index


Homestar VR is a VR planetarium experience based on Homestar, Sega Toys' million-seller home planetarium. Reach out at a sky full of stars, complete with the Milky Way and even the Aurora.

# Features

- A planetarium experience built for VR, with cooperation from Sega Toys Co., Ltd.

- Supervised by Takayuki Ohira, Japan's planetarium creator virtuoso

- Accurate rendition of star position, distance, and colors based on NASA astronomy data

# 3 Relaxing Modes

- World Sky Time Travel: Recreate the skies from a date of your choice, anywhere on Earth. Discover what it was like when you were born, on your anniversary, or anywhere in between.

- VR Celestial Planetarium: A planetarium experience with commentary of constellations and their mythologies, narrated by singer Donna Burke. Turn off the seats for a 360 view of the stars that expand below your feet.

- Starry Sky Selection: Sit back and gaze at the heavens in once-in-a-lifetime scenic locations like Matterhorn, Lake Tekapo, and more.

Quest - There is also a Special Edition on the Oculus Store -

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