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A VR Game available for Oculus Rift & Valve Index


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HOLOCEPTION is a new type of hybrid VR game allowing you to incarnate a character in 3rd and 1st person view. Explore a cartoonish Universe where everything is fully physics-based and where you have a lot of control and freedom to move and fight!


We currently don't recommend the Vive Wands as input

We temporarily removed the Vive wands as an officially supported input system as we don't feel that the current state of the locomotion system delivers a good enough experience. We still support the platform of course and improve it steadily with coming updates, but we currently can't recommend it as a good input device due to the limitations of the input controls (lack of thumbsticks).

H.O.L.O. Humanoid. Operated. Living. Organism.

HOLOCEPTION introduces a unique way to interact in VR. This game explores the extraordinary capabilities of the brain to project itself into another entity and still manages to feel fully immersed, but it will require some time to get used to the locomotion system and the controls.

Holoception is a Cartoonish physics based action combat arena fighter. Play in 3rd and 1st person. The hero mirrors your head and hand movements, so fight with style. Unlock weapons, double jump, attack in slow motion, grab the gravity gloves or squeeze the rubber ducky. It's all up to you.

Learn new ways to defeat your enemies the more you progress in levels.

Every time you play, the game feels different due to the physics-based combat!

™They threw John Wick, The Matrix and Hitman into a VR blender™

(Rendered Reality)

™Holoception has actually done something magical™ This kind of innovation is exactly what VR needs!!™



Incarnation System: The player incarnates and controls a small character in front of him. Using state-of-the-art IK techniques, the head and hands positions are accurately reproducing the posture of the player but in 3rd person perspective.

Interaction: Very immersive and intuitive interaction system to grab and equip anything you need very easily.

Flexible Camera System: Fully control the camera in real-time to choose the best angle to enjoy every moment of the game! You can manually rotate, snap and zoom the camera. Liberty to choose a 1:1 scale or to see the game as a tiny puppet world from a god's view.

Advanced Physics: The game is fully physics-based and allows very realistic interactions and combat. Player and enemies fully use IK and ragdolls for maximal immersion!

You can grab anything you want including enemies themselves and throw them around or use them as weapons on other enemies.

Slow Motion: Manually trigger slow motion at your will to get a huge advantage over your enemies, block their attack and avoid their bullets!

Weapons and Upgrades: A lot of weapons and a progression system with new unlockable upgrades and abilities.

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    In-Game Specs

    • Number of PlayersSingle Player
    • Play AreaRoomscale
    • ControlsMotion Controllers
    • General

    • DeveloperHolonautic (2)
    • Released24th October 2019
    • StatusEarly Access
    • Platform (Change) Valve Index

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