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Transform your living room into a personal gym VRWorkout is a fitness rhythm game with full body engagement.
Free to play!

EmpowHER: Self-Defense Training

Oculus Rift
EmpowHER: Self Defense Training game teaches you the basics of empowering self-defense.


HTC ViveOculus Quest
Explore more than 10 environments in 45+ workout tracks, use one of our cardio, HIIT or time-attack programs, compete with other members of the HOLOFIT community.

VR health care (head and neck exercise): Snake Fighting

HTC ViveValve Index
VR health care (head and neck exercise): Snake Fighting adopts a totally new exercise mode?which letting the player immersed in the game, enjoy the game, while the neck swings regularly to alleviate the fatigue.

Self-knowledge VR

HTC ViveValve Index
A virtual reality experiment that aims to promote awareness on the benefits of self-knowledge to our brain.
Free to play!

Experience: Colorblindness

HTC ViveOculus RiftWindows Mixed RealityValve Index
Have you ever wondered how colorblind people see the world? Now you can experience it yourself. - Narrative mode that will show you all types of colorblindness.
Free to play!