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Half-Life: Alyx Review

Beautiful, Polished, Full length VR, Plays it safe for VR

Reviewed by Griffin on 6th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality


Half-life: Alyx is probably the best VR game to date full stop.

It has pretty much everything you would want out of a game, incredible graphics, Fun game-play, a full then story that has interesting characters and a plot that you want to see to completion.

The only thing I think it really is missing is more experimental features, ultimately not having them is the smarter choice as it makes it more accessible to new players and never ends up relying on gimmicks. however as someone who has been playing VR since 2016 I have seen some incredible things that could never be done outside of VR and Alyx never really has that gimmick, which again is probably for the best as that what it would be called a "gimmick" instead Alyx's greatest feature is that is uses the more subtle aspects of VR things you could never do outside of VR but aren't very flashy, like opening a door just a crack to peek around or being able to use anything as cover as crouch height it determined by your crouching, or grabbing a hand full of ammo an slapping it into your gun.

Graphics & Presentation

Graphically Half-life: Alyx is one of the best looking games I have ever played and the game is tightly optimized to be played and look good even on lower end systems.

The game strikes a balance of interesting and engaging story telling and humour and even a little horror that is quite expected of Valve at this point.

Sound FX & Music

Half-life: Alyx also excels at Sound design, the voice cast does a great job Rhys Darby as Russell being the highlight. the sound design in the game is also top quality and very eerie and atmospheric with exciting music kicking in during intense fights

Gameplay & Immersion

Gameplay being the only real place the game lacks, there are three weapons in the game all of them one handed there are no two handed weapons and no melee so to speak of, apart from throwing a TV or two


Controls are intuitive and quick to pickup, the only possible hang up being the games compensation for Jump and its jarring climbing when you don't climb correctly jolting you to the top.

Value & Replayability

While the main story probably does not have a lot of replay value for most, the game also features the steam workshop and tons of community maps have been made and are being made all the time.

Final Thoughts

Half-life Alyx is a great game simply a must play for anyone with a VR headset with its only real downside being that it plays it safe for the most part, though this is probably for the benefit of everyone but me

  • Incredible visuals sound and story
  • A good balance of humour and horror at times
  • weapons are fun to use
  • The game is safe
  • no melee combat
  • latter climbing is finicky
  • The game is safe

Reviewed by Griffin on 6th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality

9 out of 10

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Half-Life: Alyx
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