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HTC Vive


A VR Game available for HTC Vive & Oculus Rift


WREST is a sci-fi horror VR game about delving into nightmares to save an out-of-control spaceship from disaster. Solve a dark, twisted story and master edge-of-your-seat combat - but whatever you do, don't close your eyes.


WREST is a sci-fi horror VR game that won't just give you nightmares -- it'll throw you into them. You're Andy Bishop, chief engineer of the spaceship Neptune. You should be enjoying a long, peaceful stasis nap, but you've just woken up from the worst dream imaginable, and now everyone on the ship is in terrible danger.

Armed with your versatile multi-tool and with the ship's AI at your side, your only chance of survival lies in the twisted nightmares of your fellow passengers.

A terrifying escape room experience

Try to keep your eyes open as you solve puzzles and push forward an increasingly dark, twisted storyline.

Riveting combat

Use your multi-tool to fend off corrupted bots and nightmarish creatures.

Upcoming multi-player mode

Later in 2020, stalk your friends in the terrifying 2 Player Mode, using your iPad™ or Android™ tablet.


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