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Ship Surveyor Through the Ages - VR

A VR Experience available for HTC Vive & Windows Mixed Reality

The Lloyd's Register Foundation Heritage & Education Centre is proud to introduce our unique VR experience, set across three different time periods. You take on the role of surveyor, tasked with tracking down and investigating hazards and faults on board three ships throughout history.


The Lloyd's Register Foundation Heritage & Education Centre wants to inspire the next generation of maritime surveyors and engineers in an innovative and engaging way. Our vision is to allow visitors to learn about the importance of surveyor roles and how they've evolved over time as maritime engineering has progressed.

From that vision we've created 'Ship Surveyor Through the Ages'; a gamified VR learning experience that will immerse you in simulated environments and challenge you to take on the varied roles of a surveyor across key eras of maritime engineering. You will undertake key tasks that surveyors would perform in three types of vessel construction: wood, composite and contemporary. Will you be able to locate all hazards and faults on-board the vessels before your time runs out? Anchors aweigh!

'Ship Surveyor Through the Ages' lets you:

- Travel back in time through different eras of maritime vessel construction

- Explore three unique, stunning ships in breath-taking VR

- Learn how the role of surveyors has evolved as new ship-building methods were introduced

- Complete key tasks, which surveyors would usually undertake, against the clock

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