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Raid on the Ruhr

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In May 1943, the RAF's Bomber Command began the formation of a new squadron, codenamed Squadron 'X'.

A team of bomber and nightfighter veterans was assembled from every part of the Commonwealth to deliver a very special payload - the brainchild of inventor Barnes Wallis.

These airmen have trained in secret for months in low-altitude flying and bombing without knowing their final purpose.

The Target: Three hydroelectric dams deep within the heartland of Industrial Germany.

The Delivery Method: 19 Lancaster Bombers, flying below radar.

The Payload: 'Upkeep', a four-ton bomb designed to skim over water like a skipping stone.

Fly and shoot your way through the rivers of the Ruhr Valley while reliving this incredible feat of daring, brilliance and skill.

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  • Version details:HTC Vive
  • TypeVR Experience
  • DeveloperImmersive VR Education (5)
  • Release date28th March 2019
  • PlayersSingle
  • Play areaSeated
  • ControlsMotion Controllers
    Keyboard & Mouse
  • Game ExtrasSteam Achievements
    Steam Leaderboards

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