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A new six-degree-of-freedom shooter with intuitive controls, amazing lighting and graphics. From the creators of Descent, Overload is the best zero-gravity robot-blasting combat ever.

Revival Productions is proud to present the ultimate 6-degree-of-freedom shooter, OVERLOAD, from the creators of the classic game Descent. Overload combines intense action with awesome graphics and effects to create the ultimate zero-gravity shooter. Overload features an engaging single-player story campaign, intense survival mode, online multiplayer, VR support, and a variety of customization options to give the player an intense experience with a high degree of replayability. Destroy robots, rescue survivors, blow up the reactor, and escape before the whole thing explodes!


- Single-player story campaign with 15+ FULL-SIZE atmospheric levels

- Upgradeable player ship and 16 weapons with multiple upgrade options

- 20+ terrifying robot types and 3 massive bosses

- 12+ Challenge Mode levels with Infinite and Countdown variants that change the focus to Survival or Efficiency

- Pulse-pounding soundtrack by Dan Wentz (DESCENT 2), Allister Brimble (DESCENT 1 REDBOOK), and Jerry Berlongieri (DESCENT 3)

- Epic story by the writer of FREESPACE 2

- Steam Achievements and Leaderboards

- Numerous level challenges including lava, forcefields, enemy turrets, lockdowns, ambushes and secret rooms


- Intense Multiplayer action with up to 8 players

- Customize your ship with modifiers, loadouts, and visual enhancements

- 10 levels for a range of match sizes

- Ranked and private matches with a variety of rules and options

- LAN matches (requires one PC as a dedicated server)


- Virtual Reality support for Oculus and Vive

- Highly customizable and remappable controls

- Supports all major input types: Mouse and KB, Gamepad, or Joystick and KB recommended

- Five difficulty levels ranging from a casual challenge to very punishing

- Speed Run mode and advanced stat-tracking

- Automap and Holo-guide help you navigate the complex levels

- Save anywhere!

- Surround sound audio options

- Custom Level Editor will be released in an update after launch.

  • Version details:HTC Vive
  • TypeVR Game
  • DeveloperRevival Productions
  • Release date13th March 2017
  • PlayersSingle
    Local Multi-player
    Online Multi-player
  • Play areaSeated
  • ControlsKeyboard & Mouse
  • Game ExtrasSteam Achievements
    Steam Leaderboards

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