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Island Time VR

A VR Game available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PSVR & Valve Index

After a journey at sea, you are shipwrecked on a tiny island. Using your wit, ingenuity and the advice of Carl the Crab, you must find a way to keep yourself from starving and survive. Craft tools, fend off creatures…Or you could just give up and die? Just enjoy the sunset while you can. Almost makes you forget that you're in a desperate struggle against your own mortality.


– Survive… Until You Die

– Play standing In A Room-scale VR Experience

– Craft tools, like a spear, from the island’s resources

– Use your tools to catch fish, defend yourself… and do stuff, like, not die

– Befriend (or not) the island’s wildlife including sharks and pesky seagulls

– Foster a lifelong friendship with a crab. And, by lifelong, we mean a week at the most?

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  • Version details:HTC Vive
  • TypeVR Game
  • DeveloperFlight School Studio (2)
  • Release date3rd April 2018
  • PlayersSingle
  • Play areaRoomscale
  • ControlsMotion Controllers
  • Game ExtrasSteam Achievements

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