HTC Vive

Incarna: Broken

A VR Game available for HTC Vive & Valve Index

Incarna: Broken is a time-limited adventure in virtual reality. Explore, solve puzzles, fight against enemies with your bow: you have to succeed in the limited time you have! Or retry...

A strange AI is causing our training to malfunction!

Usually made for groups of 3 to 4 explorers, our training field in the other world has been taken over by a malicious AI, who changed everything inside and broke it.

This time, you will be ALONE in order to solve, in a very limited time frame, the challenges which lie before you.

Prepare yourself to explore, solve puzzles, but also, to fight!

Then, maybe, you will be ready for our multiplayer training.

  • Version details:HTC Vive
  • TypeVR Game
  • DeveloperIncarna
  • Release date15th May 2019
  • PlayersSingle
  • Play areaRoomscale
  • ControlsMotion Controllers
  • StatusIn Development

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Incarna: Broken
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