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HTC Vive

Hoops VR

A VR Game available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & Valve Index


Y'all ready for this?

Hoops VR is specially designed for the HTC Vive so you can live out the ultimate basketball free-throw challenge. Use the motion controls and shoot hoops as naturally as you would out on the court in a real basketball game. Compete online for the top of the global leaderboards as well as locally against your friends. There are a handful of different modes covering a range of difficulties making Hoops VR fun whether you're a noob or total baller!


- Dynamic pop-up basketball hoops change location and keep the pace action-packed.

- Normal mode based on actual real-world dimensions of standard basketball and hoop.

- Easy mode with wider and closer basketball hoops keeps the game accessible for all.

- Bonus Paper-Airplane Mode!

- Bonus Garbage Mode!

- Fun graphics and beautiful sounds.

- Online and local Leaderboards to conquer.

Available for Arcades on SpringboardVR

    In-Game Specs

    • PlayersSingle Player
    • Play AreaRoomscale
    • ControlsMotion Controllers
    • General

    • DeveloperWizard Games Inc (2)
    • Released24th February 2021
    • StatusFull Release
    • PlatformHTC Vive


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