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Front Defense: Heroes

A VR Game available for HTC Vive & Oculus Rift

Ever wanted to be a war hero? In Front Defense: Heroes you can. In one of VR's most intense multiplayer war shooter game, experience the thrill of fighting against other human players or AI bots using vintage weapons in World War II themed maps. Take sides, seize victory, but take no prisoners.

Front Defense: Heroes, the latest installment to Fantahorn Studio’s arcade hit Front Defense, brings you more intense and fierce FPS action from World War II.

Prepare to immerse yourself in authentic battle environments and the use of 1940's-era weapons in this 5v5 online single and multiplayer VR shooter game set during World War II.

Designed and developed specifically for VR by Fantahorn Studio from the ground up, Front Defense: Heroes offers intuitive controls, sprawling battle maps, realistic vintage weapons and the opportunity to engage in realistic military operations.

Solo - Join a match or fight alongside against AI bots.

Multiplayer - Form teams and fight against each other in epic battles supporting up to 5v5. Discuss tactics through real time voice chat and win through strategic teamwork.

Combat Modes:

Free-For-All: Players fight against each other by wiping out as many enemies as possible. There are no allies.

Team Deathmatch: Join or form your own team and win by killing enemies on the opposing team within the time limit.

Offense and Defense:The two sides take turns playing offense and defense. The offensive team needs to have tactics to destroy a designated target at full force while the defensive team needs to guard their base and fight-off their opponents.


Classic WWII Weapons

You will get an arsenal of authentic vintage WWII weapons to do battle with!

- Rifles

- Assault rifles

- Snipers

- Bazookas

- Grenades

- Sub Machine Guns

Locomotion Controls:

We developed the unique V-locomotion, which gives players a 3rd-person, out-of-body experience in controlling their avatar through the battlefield. This highlights the immersion of tactical movement for covering each other and fighting the battles strategically.

However, you prefer smooth locomotion that is also an option in the game setting menu.

*Authentic Battle Maps*

Run around old European streets, factories, and even graveyards as you engage in exciting deathmatches, fighting alongside your friends to decimate the opposing team.

Upcoming Features:

The development team is working hard on delivering the free locomotion, more weapons, maps, and game modes!

  • Version details:HTC Vive
  • TypeVR Game
  • DeveloperFantahorn Studio (2)
  • Release date15th May 2019
  • PlayersOnline Multi-player
  • Play areaRoomscale
  • ControlsMotion Controllers
  • Game ExtrasSteam Leaderboards

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World War 2 in VR
A VR list created by Chris P


Amazing Game. An instant Favourite.

Played on: PC, I5 3570, 980ti, 12 GB RAM, 2TB HDD (non-SSD), Original HTC Vive.


I saw this recently on the Steam latest releases, and noticed that it was being offered free-to-play for 7 days, so I decided to download it and give it a try. I wasn't expecting much as I'd played a very early version of it many moons ago, and wasn't greatly impressed back then, but with the addition of smooth locomotion, new troops, and a few other things to boot, I decided that it might be worth another look, and so I quickly downloaded it and jumped straight in to give it another go.

The first thing I noticed once I was in the game, was that it was absolutely nothing like the game I remembered playing, so much so that in my head I actually queried whether or not I had got it all wrong, and in fact I had never played this game before at all! A question I am still asking myself, for, unlike the first time, this game just blew me away from moment I set foot into its exciting and authentic looking WW2 setting. I therefore, because of the uncertainty, decided to treat this as a brand new game, and that is how I approach it in my video impressions gameplay, and this written review.

You can check out the video on the VR Explorer YouTube channel if you want to see for yourself how the game plays out, otherwise, please read on.

The game started me in an outdoor training area, with planes loudly zooming overhead, and a good selection of weapons laid out on a table, with target range in front, so I jumped straight on the machine gun (a Thompson I believe) and tested my aim.

RAT TAT TAT TAT TAT.. oh my god did it feel good. I haven't had much experience with shooters in VR, but the weapons I tried in this game, from the Thompson machine gun, to the luger pistol, and the Bazooka, all felt really good to use. Reloading them had me pulling out magazines and pushing new ones in, just like you would with a real gun, which to me is how weapons should be in VR.

The way the weapons handled was excellent too. For instance, firing the Thompson with one hand would give you terrible recoil, but latch a second hand on to the handle at the front of the gun and it became much steadier, allowing you much more accuracy when trying to hit your target.

The grenades handled nicely too, and it was quite a suprise when I had one in my hand and lifted my headset for a second to reposition myself in my playspace, only for the pin to suddenly pull out of the grenade, causing me to panic and throw it away quickly before I got blown into a million peices. I then soon realised that you can pull the grenade pins out with your teeth! which is how it had happened. I thought this was a fantastic touch and would aid gameplay when you only have one hand free.

All these things added up to give the game a real feeling of quality and attention to detail and I excitedly headed into the lobby to start my first match.

In the lobby, everthing was well presented and I could choose what side I wanted to be on, so I chose Allied, and from there headed into my first game, which turned out to be some of the best fun I'd had so far in a VR game, or any game in fact, as it just played so well and everything just worked so well and looked great.

The maps (I tried 2) were really well designed and looked excellent, allowing you to get into the action rapidly after each respawn. They weren't too big or too spread out so were easy to learn, which I found a real plus. The graphics of each were both well detailed, with lots to see and admire when not spraying your entire surroundings with bullets or obiterating them with grenades.


Graphics in VR are usually one of two things for me. They are either low poly and clear as day, or they are rich and detailed but blurry as hell, and it's rare that the game makers get them just right, leaving it up to the user to fine tune them to his particular machine, which can be a chore in itself and very time consuming to get them just right. However, this game seemed to have them absolutely spot on for me straight out of the box. Whether this was luck, or just great development, I can't be sure but I am choosing to believe in the latter. From the character models, the weapons, the maps, the explosions, everything just looked great, had plenty of detail, and was as clear as anything I have played in VR so far. It all ran pretty smoothly too and so I was extremely impressed by the way the game looked and handled on my ageing machine.


Excellent sound FX along with the great graphics made the game even more immersive and exciting, with life-like sounding guns (incuding reloading sounds), explosions, and really cool distant sound effects of battle raging elsewhere really helped create a great atmosphere. Sometimes sounds are just there, and aren't particularly noticable, but the ingame sounds really stood out to me, particularly the distant thunder of bombs and battle. The game really sounded incredible.


This is where the game really shone for me. I'm not the greatest of FPS fans, though have played my fair share of WW2 ones in particular, such as Battlefield 2, and the original Call of duty games on PC and Xbox (4 way split-screen with my kids, happy days!) many years ago, and this game brought back the magic of those, something I didn't think I'd experience again. Like I said, everything just came together perfectly, the weapons, the maps, the graphics and sound, and it all just worked. Even the bots, which can let a game down if not done right were excellent, and behaved very life-like a lot of the time.


On conclusion, I think that in my quest to find the ultimate feeling of 'presence' in VR games (something that I lust for as it is so mind-blowing when it happens) I had kind of forgotten about why I started playing computer games in the first place, and that is because they are fun. This game took me to one side and reminded me of that fact, in no uncertain terms.

A must-buy in my opinion, and an instant favourite of mine.

Reviewed by Chris P on 16th May 2019 on HTC Vive

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