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Doctor Who: The Runaway

Oculus Rift
Step inside the TARDIS with the Doctor in this beautiful, animated, interactive story from the Doctor Who team. By downloading and using The Runaway, you agree to the BBC’s Terms of Use,
Free to play!

Lucid: Love, Adventure and Letting Go

Oculus Go
The viewer joins Astra as she undertakes an experimental treatment that will allow her to enter her mother’s mind after she has been left in a coma following a terrible car accident.

Homeward Duck

HTC Vive
Your mission is to guide a family of ducks through outer space by strategically placing a trail of breadcrumbs.
Free to play!

Trash Rage

HTC ViveOculus Rift
In 2049 the Singularity took place. A.I. destroyed humanity. A few human survivors fled to Mars. Now it’s time to come back and ... ... clean up the mess! Trash Rage is an post-apocalyptic arcade-style VR game.

PROZE: Enlightenment

HTC ViveOculus RiftWindows Mixed Reality
Enlightenment is the first episode in PROZE series. PROZE is a VR survival adventure set in both past and present.

Helix Fun

Oculus GoGear VR
Help the girl go down before the time run out. Enjoy the music and watch out the traps. There are twenty girls to unlock when you go deeper.

Jupiter & Mars

Jupiter & Mars is an underwater adventure set in a future-Earth in which everything science warned us about has come to pass: sea levels have risen from melting ice caps and climate change.


Oculus Go
The little astronaut is back! Protect him agains the incomming asteroid storm. Get your controller and mark the targets with your laserpointer.


HTC Vive
You feel awful pain and wake up at some laboratory. The only thing that comes to mind is that you have to get out of here ... Use your potential to survive the attacking enemies.
Free to play!


HTC ViveOculus Rift
In this sci-fi puzzle adventure "short game" you are a scientist, stranded on a distant moon during an expedition to investigate alien remains.
Free to play!