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HTC ViveOculus Rift
Become one with sound and beauty...Pound, swing, and thrust away! A revolution in VR rhythm games! The automatically generated "scores" are literally infinite...

Gravity Pro

Oculus Rift
In VR you control laser-guided paddles with both hands. The goal is to destroy various bricks in front of you by hitting a ball with paddles.

Grab the Beat

HTC ViveValve Index
Dancing is so easy! Are you afraid to dance? Don`t worry. If you just follow the dancer in front of you, you will soon become a dance master. Game Features 1.
Free to play!

Pulse Forge VR

HTC ViveWindows Mixed RealityValve Index
TECH DEMO: Pulse Forge VR -- get the highest score in your favourite music by destroying everything.
Free to play!

Move it Up

Oculus Rift
GAMEPLAY 2 different color rhythm balls, players can remove the corresponding color rhythm ball from any direction and in any way (swing, tap or stab), highest degree of game interaction freedom.
Demo available

Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash!

Dance is your power to protect the earth against invading aliens. SEGA's legendary Dreamcast rhythm game "Space Channel 5 " is coming to virtual reality as "Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash!'.

Styx VR DrumSim

Oculus Rift
Drums on your Rift or Rift S!!! "This is not a GAME It's a way of life!" Recording your own drum tracks! customize your drums! Have fun learning...

EXA: The Infinite Instrument

HTC ViveOculus RiftWindows Mixed RealityValve Index
Step into EXA, an immersive musical studio where you can compose, record, and perform music using expressive instruments of your own design.

Go For A Walk

HTC ViveOculus RiftOculus GoValve Index
Go For a Walk is a musical VR experience emphasizing non-linearity, user interaction, and making chill beats! Unlike other musical games and experiences, Go For a Walk has no set beginning or end.
Free to play!

GOT7 Love Loop VR

GOT7 is a multinational group formed by JYP Entertainment. Dance Practice Version gives you the experience where you are invited to a dance studio.
Free to play!