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Flappy Flappy VR

HTC ViveOculus RiftWindows Mixed Reality
... with 100% more flap! A great party game for friends and family, Flappy Flappy VR will have you flapping and cawing like any real bird would. You're going to look absolutely insane, but you don't give a flying flock.

F18 Carrier Landing

Oculus Rift
F18 Carrier Landing puts you in the cockpit of an F/A 18 hornet. You will experience what it’s like to land on an aircraft carrier. As gamers, we search for experiences that aren’t possible in our daily lives.

Virtual Skydiving

HTC ViveOculus RiftWindows Mixed Reality
Feel the thrill and fear of leaping from a plane in this VR Skydiving Simulator. Fall through the clouds and pull your chute for a safe landing.


Oculus RiftOculus GoGear VR
Experience the speed. Guide your spaceship through the various obstacles. Collect points to unlock new worlds.

Raid on the Ruhr

HTC ViveOculus Rift
In May 1943, the RAF's Bomber Command began the formation of a new squadron, codenamed Squadron 'X'.

Space Dodge 2

Oculus GoGear VR
Space Dodge 2 lets you assume the role of an airship pilot in the far distant future. You'll embark on a journey to execute a secret mission and travel across the galaxy in the process.
Free to play!

Skyfront VR

HTC ViveOculus RiftWindows Mixed Reality
Skyfront is a fast-paced multiplayer FPS built exclusively for VR. The game launches you into mesmerising zero-G arenas. But not before equipping you with an array of awesome weapons and impressive special abilities.

Tiny Magic Carpet

Oculus Go
Let's get all the coins ! ...But be careful with coin thief !! Easy operation and fun air travel. We will add new content in future updates.
Free to play!

Symphony of Stars

HTC ViveDaydream View
This is space combat with a twist. Choose a faction to fight for, colonize and defend planets for it, while also leading the attack against your rivals. This is a bit of a concept piece.


Oculus RiftOculus GoGear VR
Ready for a sensational and unforgettable experience? Fly through the skyscrapers of a city almost 8 km2 big in total freedom, take advantage of the wind tunnels to gain speed and tackle the steepest routes.