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Windows Mixed Reality

Forest Farm

A VR Game available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality & Valve Index


A relaxing farming sim for PC, Rift, Index, HTC and WMR. Learn to manage your land and grow all plants from seed to harvest, including trees!

Forest Farm is a farming game that seeks to be different.

The farming mechanics are based on regenerative agriculture and will encourage players to manage their farm intelligently.

Cut down all the trees? Now you'll have to regrow them. Need more vegetable plots? Then get to making soil.

Get ready to bring life to the Forest Farm and make it a thriving ecosystem.

Every plant in the game can be grown from seed, harvested and even replanted.

Every plot can be moved to your desired location and this is saved automatically.

There will be multiple activities to master, from growing vegetables, to logging and clearing the forest, to fishing at the river.

Each of these will mimic the activities on an actual Forest Farm and I hope it is something different for the gaming community.

Features Achieved:

  • PC Version - All actions functional
  • Logging - cutting down, splitting, mulching
  • Farming - prepping soil, planting, growing, harvesting, arranging plots (save and load plot positions)

Features Planned:

  • Farming - prepping soil, planting, growing and harvesting
  • Fishing - putting bait on line, casting out, hooking fish, reeling in
  • Logging - cutting down, splitting, burning, mulching
  • Building - trellis, fences, raised beds

Currently in development and updating weekly

In-Game Specs

  • PlayersSingle Player
  • Play AreaStanding
  • ControlsMotion Controllers


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