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Falcon Age Review

Unique game design, fun, but left me wanting more!

Reviewed by Griffin on 12th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality


In Falcon Age you play as a young girl who has escaped a mega-corp's robot jail with the help of a young falcon. The mega-corp has ruined the planet and together with your bird friend you are going to fight them back.

The gameplay is quite unique in that you play a falconer and directing your falcon is your primary action. It fights robots, pick things up in high places, and even defused Land mines.

The game took me 4 hours to complete but you would need a few more hours to collect all the extra stuff. The game also features NPC's I have found are often absent in VR games, though they act like borderlands 1 NPC's as they stand in a single spot and act as a vendor quest giver or a little fluff dialog.

There are two game modes: normal and combat optional. I did not test combat optional but it seems fairly self explanatory if that is the kind of game you want.

I found this games narrative focused story a bit short and rushed, mostly the beginning and end. At the start I expected a little more time with little falcon and possibly to watch him grow over time, and in the end I expected a bit more of a conclusion with a bigger finale.

The game is mostly a linear story with a few short side quests along the way, which are used to unlock cosmetics but I can't help feel that the game might have benefitted from a more open and survival type game in design, in a similar vain to Subnautica or Solus Project, as this would give us more time to bond with the bird, though the cosmetics certainly improved my connection. The game features a ton of cosmetics to unlock and customize the bird with, as well as a few items that actually improve the birds abilities.

Graphics & Presentation

Graphically this game is simple but the art style helps hide or make up for this, however it would have been nice to see some higher resolution textures because even the highest option was quite blurry.

Sound FX & Music

The music in the game is nice but certainly not much to write home about. There were also a few looping issues in the music that would sort of cut at the end, really only a tiny nit pick. The game has partially voiced NPC's mainly just the one main one which is a bit of an odd choice but understandable as this is quite an indie game.

Gameplay & Immersion

The gameplay is rather simplistic too but quite effective. It mostly consists of telling your bird to attack something, stunning it with your baton and then mindlessly beating it to death. This might have gotten old if the game was longer, however in the time I played I thought it was fine. The game only features about 5 enemy types with some electrical variants.

The game also has a cooking system to collect animal meat and fruit to make treats to heal or improve the birds performance (speed, stealth, defence etc.) however what you can create is carefully limited by only allowing you to make food from recipes you have found rather than allowing you to explore and discover them on your own.

The cooking was mostly a moot point though as I found combat quite easy the whole time and never really needed many cooked items.

Also the bird has a gyro stable head when perched on your hand which is a nice touch.


The controls for this game were better than expected for a VR Supported title, UI elements are 2d but the game features a physical maps and pouch at your hip to store items.

There were a few bugs in my play through, the biggest one was under certain circumstances that my rotation would be no longer tracked and the baton holster and pouch would no longer follow me. This happened a few times in my play through but was fixed by a quick restart.

Value & Replayability

Ultimately and unfortunately this game offers little replayability. Sure, you can collect all the cosmetics and recipes but there is not much point as you will probably have a few choice cosmetics, so you wont need to gather the recipes as really only the healing once is necessary.

There are a few different endings, which I suppose could entice those to replay the game, however the game will be the same except for a final ending card.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to love about falcon age, and although it is a little rough around the edges it was a ton of fun to play. I just wish the game was longer, possibly implementing more survival elements so that we could spend more time in the world raising and caring for our falcon.

  • Commanding the bird is very fun
  • The world is interesting to explore
  • A decently strong narrative
  • Low resolution textures
  • Campaign feels a little short and a little rushed

Reviewed by Griffin on 12th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality

7 out of 10

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Falcon Age
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