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Eye of the Temple: First Steps Review

A beautiful and unique roomscale experience

Reviewed by Chris P on 30th August 2020 on HTC Vive


This was a very impressive demo indeed. The game makes clever use of your roomscale play area (you need 2m x 2m minimum) so that you never need any artificial locomotion at all, you simply walk with your own two feet, which creates such a deep immersion that it feels like you are actually there, exploring this vast beautiful temple full of moving stone platforms, puzzles and hazardous traps. In actuality, you are simply roaming around your own small room space, but thanks to the clever level design and beautifully immersive environments, it never feels like it, instead you feel like you are there, traversing this wonderfully exotic environment, which seemed vast, the temple itself towering into the sky amongst the backdrop of lush forest and mist shrouded mountains that all helped give you a feeling of real adventure, like you were starring in your very own Indian Jones type movie. It really was a unique experience and I didn't want the demo to end. It lasted for about 30 minutes in all, before it told me I could go no further, but it was one of the best 30 minutes I've had in VR and has got me really excited for the full game, which is now firmly on my VR Explorer wishlist.

Another unique feature of the game, was it's Indiana Jones style whip, which you use to lasso and pull levers with, as some of them are well out of arms reach, and you even get to use the whip in a suprise battle against two large flying bugs that suddenly appear and start diving at you menacingly. This was an exciting quick change of pace and tempo, however, it was a very short lived battle as a few cracks of the whip soon dispatched of them both in a very satisfying manner, and made me want more action like this, which I didn't encounter but hope to find much more of in the full game, as it was a great feeling whenever the whip made contact with the giant bugs, sending them flying and screeching into the temple walls.

If you haven't tried this game yet, do yourself a massive favour and give it a go, as it has some of the most immersive VR gameplay I've come across for a long time, with wonderful looking environments, great sound, and the most clever use of roomscale that I've come across. Can't wait for the full game to launch, hopefully sometime this year.

      Reviewed by Chris P on 30th August 2020 on HTC Vive

      8 out of 10

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      Eye of the Temple: First Steps
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