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Down The Rabbit Hole Review

A Beautiful Adventure That You Won't Want To End

Reviewed by Chris P on 2nd April 2020 on HTC Vive


Down the Rabbit Hole is a beautifully crafted adventure where you control a young girl as she ventures into a fantastical world based off of the Alice in Wonderland stories that we all know and love. The game is played in third-person, as you guide your character through each different level of the game in search of your missing pet, along the way meeting colourful and amusing characters, solving well thought-out puzzles, and searching for missing invitations that have been scattered throughout the land and which are a major part of the game and its story.

The levels themselves are in the form of dioramas, all linked together and completely surrounding you as you play the game stood (or sat) from within the center space of the giant rabbit hole, with roots protruding now and then from the rabbit hole walls which act as handles for you to grab, so that you can literally turn the game world around you and manipulate it in any direction you wish in order to aid your gameplay and your view, such as pulling the game world up or down, or even pulling it in close so that like some unseen giant you can put your head right inside each room or corridor to enable you to peer into every nook and cranny in search of the missing invitations. It really is a beautiful world the developers have created, and moving in close to inspect the miniature props and characters in this way is a real joy and I was often left in awe by the artistry and craftsmanship that had gone into every corner of the game.

The music too was the perfect accompaniment to the fantasy setting, and the voice acting was superb, with everything just seeming to knit together perfectly, enabling you to forget yourself for the duration of play as you explore a world that although new for this particular adventure, has obvious familiar elements and characters that were ingrained in us when we were young, so there was a certain level of nostalgia attached to the gameplay too, allowing me to become that 5-year-old boy again back in a safer and more magical time, where stories like this were told to me at bedtime by loved ones who have long since passed on. Well, I can now travel there again, and although I am an adult now, it still feels just as magical to explore Alice's Wonderland as it did all those years ago, which is a great testament to the developers of this game, and to the power of virtual reality which is the ultimate tool for opening up a rabbit hole wherever it may lead...

The game took me around 5 hours to complete, though I still have a few invitations to find and I believe alternate endings to experience, so my adventure is not quite over yet, which I am really glad about as this is definitely one of those adventures that I just didn't want to end. More please Cortopia. A completely unique and charming experience. Highly recommended.

      Reviewed by Chris P on 2nd April 2020 on HTC Vive

      8 out of 10

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      Down The Rabbit Hole
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