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Discovering Space

A VR Experience


* Learn the about some of our close neighbours, through an intensely engaging experience.

* Contemplate the awesomeness and remoteness of space.

… or just simply enjoy the ride.


Take a high orbit around the earth, visit the far side of the Moon. Fly in close to Moon's surface and understand the formation of lunar features.

See our fragile home, Earth, from a completely new perspective.

Visit Mars and its companion moons. Fly in low and close over some of Mars' ancient geological features.

Go deeper into the Solar system; graze upon Jupiter's swirling clouds and swing around some of its fascinating moons.


* High quality 3d real-time rendered visuals for truly immersive feel.

* True to scale planets and moons.

* Engaging soundtrack and audio.

* Three tours, between 5 and 10 minutes each.

    In-Game Specs

    • PlayersSingle Player
    • Play AreaSeated
    • General

    • DeveloperDiscovering VR (2)
    • StatusFull Release

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