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Oculus Quest

Descent Alps

A VR Game available for Oculus Quest


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Looking down the slopes of a steep mountain with a pair of skies
strapped to your feet is exhilarating. You will learn to overcome even
the most challenging of descents and emerge a daring skier.

In Descent Alps, skiing is controlled by moving the whole body.
You shift your body weight and lean into the curve. You hunch
down to carve the skies and make quick turns.

The path down the slope and challenges along the way are
generated from music. Music-based randomization keeps the
replay value high and adds another layer for the skilled player to
enjoy. Matching your motion to the rhythm of music not only
feels great, it makes you a better skier.

The layered mechanics make Descent Alps enjoyable and
comfortable for people new to VR as well as rewarding for the
dedicated player.

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