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A VR Game available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & Valve Index


Go from alone in the forest, to leading your army to victory! Choose your weapons and level up to unlock new skills, kill enemies to earn loot and gold, and construct a village to raise an army. The open world is full of enemies and villages, all of which are ready for combat.


Conquest is a VR exclusive game that aims to combine the fun from RTS games with the sense of progression that comes from RPG games. You start off alone in a forest, with no army or resources. You must combat skillful AI enemies throughout this large open world to earn gold and experience. As you level up you can progress through 8 different skill trees (Bow, Blunt, Block, Blade, Command, Agility, Halberd), all of which incorporate VR's capabilities.

Once you earn enough gold you can construct a village and raise an army. As you and your army wonder the world, if enemy villages see you they will sound their war horn and you will be at war. You must protect your village and lay siege to the enemy village to survive.

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