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Compound Review

Retro style roguelike FPS that is highly addictive fun

Reviewed by Griffin on 28th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality


Compound is still Early access and frequently updated, so elements of this review may become out of date in time, however if I wait unless this game is 100% complete I may never write a review on this game, so just keep that in mind.

Being a roguelike, Compound can technically be beaten in a rather short amount of time, however the fun comes from multiple play throughs as the levels are randomly generated and so are the weapons you are given in each run. As of the time of reviewing this I have over 30 hours in the game and have been playing it since its initial release.

The the machine I used to play this.

I7 7700k

GTX 1080ti

16gb Ram

HP Reverb

Graphics & Presentation

The visual styling of this game is certainly going to be a love it or hate it type of thing depending on the person. The game is very retro inspired, something to the effect of Wolfenstein 3D. The textures are large low resolution pixel art and the colour palette very vibrant and bright. I think this looks excellent even if you are not nostalgic for the era, and specifically due to the simplistic style and solid colours this game looks great even on a lower resolution headset.

Sound FX & Music

The sound effects are all fitting and sound great. There is a small amount of voice acting and it all sounds good.

Even with all my playtime I cant particularly remember the music which is bad and good, bad because its not memorable but good becasue after all this time I have not gotten sick of it.

Gameplay & Immersion

This game has a rather simple but incredibly fun gameplay loop. Each floor is randomly generated and you must kill all of the enemies to progress. You are given a basic pistol to start and may find more weapons as you progress. There are a number of enemies, from basic soldiers in a number of variants, to little ED-209's, Robotic headcrabs and and little tank robots. There are also a number of unique bosses who will show up depending on the difficulty or how many runs you have completed.

There are a ton of weapon types - two sub machine guns, three pistols, two shotguns, three grenade/rocket launchers, a sniper rifle, a charge up lazer rifle, and I might even be forgetting some. You wont find them all in a single run, which is fine, as you can only carry two guns at a time (or three if you want to go guns akimbo and and use the extra hands mutator)

There are a number of mutators that also augment the game, and difficulties which reduce your heath and spawn more mini bosses.

In the most recent update, the ability to hold weapons two handed was added which is a big improvement to specifically the sniper rifle which was previously awkward to use one handed.

There was also a compound bow mutator added which lets you play though a game with only the bow and a few explosive arrows. This has added a whole new level of fun and challenge to the game.

The enemy bullets and your own, travel a little on the slow side but don't mistake this for being easy, as it is still quite a challenge when there are a lot of enemies at once. This also leads to some fun Neo like gameplay dodging and dipping around to avoid the shots.

There is only a single gamemode at the moment (start at the bottom and make your way to the top) but I suspect there may be more modes added later

I cant figure out how to work this into a sentence that fits, so I will just leave it as the end - you can pick up the enemy corpes and use them as a shield.


The controls all work really well in my experience with the WMR. There are a number of options to customize the feel, and an option to use either teleport or smooth locomotion.

The games reloading is semi-automated - you pop in a new mag or clip but the charge handle is a button click instead of a physical action. This works to keep the flow of gameplay fast.

Value & Replayability

There is a ton of replay value in the game by design, and you could sink a lot of hours into the game without getting bored, especially since the developer is frequently adding to and updating the game.

At the price is $22 in my local currency, I think the game is a great value.

Final Thoughts

Compound is visually interesting to look at, has a fun gameplay loop with a ton of modifiers and variables to keep it fresh on every run. It has a variety of weapons and lots of repeatability, and is just plain fun to play in VR. It is a game I highly recommend to anyone new to VR and even veterans to VR.

  • Visually intresting design and popping colours
  • A ton of gameplay value
  • A cool retro feel
  • Lots of weapons
  • Frequently updated by the developer
  • Only a single gamemode at the moment
  • Could use a floor selector

Reviewed by Griffin on 28th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality

8 out of 10

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