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Oculus Go
Real Learning in a Virtual World: Taking learning to the next level through the World Bank Group (WBG) - Open Learning Campus (OLC) VR app.
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HTC ViveOculus RiftWindows Mixed RealityValve Index
MindWorks is a VR kaleidoscopic audio visualizer with a large amount of customizable settings and functions.

Qimeng VR Video Player

Oculus Rift
Qimeng VR Video Player is a local VR video player for Oculus Ritf/Ritfs.It is designed to provide the best performance of every video for VR headset. Features include: 1.

Visbit Player Lite

Oculus Go
Due to the hardware limitations of Oculus Go and Quest, VR content creators often need to downscale the resolution or frame rate of their videos for the headsets to play.
Free to play!

Pigasus VR Media Player

Oculus QuestOculus Go
Pigasus is a feature rich universal media player that supports networked streaming of media from UPNP/DLNA media servers and Samba shares as well as local playback from your device's internal storage or sd card.

Quill Theater

Oculus Quest
Step into wonderful, immersive VR stories, hand painted and animated in VR with Quill. These VR stories not only let your view a painting on a wall, but transport you into the painting itself.
Free to play!


HTC ViveOculus Rift
This application is a VR media viewer that can view various digital contents such as image files, audio files, 2D video files, VR video files.

Contraverse EXPO

Oculus RiftOculus Go
EXPO is designed for frictionless VR content playback. Login at, upload your 360 videos and assets and use your unique 6 digit pin code on your dashboard.
Free to play!

BRAINZ Music House

Oculus Go
An independent virtual reality live music platform. We hunt down unique live performances for music addicts captured in 360 degrees with exclusively mastered audio curated by a selection of international music producers.
Free to play!

Mobile VR Station

Oculus Go
This is the third re-write of Mobile VR Station and was based upon the successful iOS/Android versions, but re-imagined to work only in VR.
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