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HTC ViveOculus RiftOculus QuestValve Index

A quirky radio drama unfolds around you in VR while you do your best to keep the radio station humming along as its new DJ. You record...


HTC ViveOculus RiftValve Index

Ergo is a physics-based puzzle game, developed from the ground up specifically for virtual reality. with new fun obstacles, environmental...

Husker STEM VR

Oculus Quest
Free to play!

The Husker STEM VR project is an outreach/recruitment app being built for the Oculus Quest.

The Atlas Mystery: A VR Puzzle Game

HTC ViveOculus RiftOculus QuestValve Index

Explore the haunted halls of the infamous Atlas Theater, a 1940's era movie palace that played host to a shocking Hollywood tragedy. Solve...


Oculus Quest
Free to play!

What say you to a "civilised duel" where you are the guest? Imagine yourself in a pleated shirt and a notched collar-styled waistcoat covered by a...

Virtual Chess

Oculus Quest

Play chess with your friends, with random people online or against the computer in a beautiful VR environment.

The game supports many...

Rays Floating Maze

Oculus Quest
Free to play!

Would you like to solve the maze that floats around you?
The biggest feature of VR is that it reproduces a sense of distance close to reality...


HTC ViveOculus RiftOculus QuestValve Index

Tentacular is a VR game about a gigantic but good-hearted tentacled beast trying to figure out its place in the world.