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Beat Saber Review

Highly addictive and saved by user driven content

Reviewed by Griffin on 13th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality


Beat Saber is a musical rhythm game about using lightsabers to slice blocks in time with a song. There are two colours, one for your left hand and one for your right, with blocks needing to be sliced in a particular direction. Sounds simple right? Well, it is but it is also hugely addicting and on the longer and more complex maps, quite a workout!

Graphics & Presentation

The graphics are rather simple but effective as any more clutter would make it hard to focus on the song at hand.

Sound FX & Music

The music will depend on your taste but by default I am not really a fan of most of the songs in game, as for the sound effects there are only a few but they add a lot to the impact of every swing.

Gameplay & Immersion

As stated before the core gameplay is rather simple but scales up in difficulty very well, with more notes, faster songs, walls for you to avoid and bombs for your sabers to avoid.


The controls are so simple your grandma could pick it up. In terms of UI there is just the trigger needed to select the songs and once you are in a song its just swinging your arms.

Value & Replayability

At $33 local currency the game is a little pricey based on the complexity of the game, however from a dollars to playtime conversion I have found my value with over a 100 hours in game. However, this was not in the base songs alone. Instead there is a major, thriving modding scene which put out custom maps with new songs for the game, and this is truly the life blood of the game, tons more songs and much more variety and diversity to the songs.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately the core gameplay is fun if not simple but due to the cost of song licensing there is a limited number of songs in game by default and if not for mods I do not think I would recommend the game. Nor do I actively play the game any more since the Facebook acquisition, however if you are looking for a VR rhythm game that can provide hundreds of hours of fun this is one of the top picks.

  • Addictive gameplay
  • Simple yet effective visuals
  • Thriving modding community
  • Owned by Facebook
  • Default songs lack genre variety
  • Heavily dependent on the modding scene

Reviewed by Griffin on 13th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality

7 out of 10

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Beat Saber
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