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Oculus Go

Augmented Empire

A VR Game available for Oculus Go


Blending stunning visuals and turn-based action, Augmented Empire brings a cyberpunk tale of disparity and hope to VR. From the armchair of your secluded hideout, control a team of six misfits in a world rendered as 'augmented reality.' In 2058, the city of New Savannah is divided into three tiers via the Citizen Grade System. While the citizens deemed of high societal value live in luxury at the summit, outliers and criminals languish in squalor at the island's depths. From the creators of Esper 2 and A Night Sky, Augmented Empire combines tactical action and a vibrant cast of characters - including the voice talents of Kate Mulgrew, Nick Frost and Garrick Hagon - into an unforgettable VR-RPG experience.


- 10 hours of gameplay across 26 missions.

- Cyberpunk story featuring 6 playable characters and 60 environments.

- Develop your team to match your play-style with upgrades and abilities.

- Gamepad and Gear VR Controller supported.

In-Game Specs

  • PlayersSingle Player
  • Play AreaSeated
  • ControlsGamepad
    Go Controller


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