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About VR Explorer - we're new!

Welcome to VR Explorer! The site has been designed to bring you all the latest VR releases from across the different stores, such as the Steam store, Oculus store, Playstation store,, Viveport and others, keeping you up-to-date with new releases on all the major VR platforms. You will also find a full back catalogue of VR which you can search using our powerful filter page, or simply browse through our categories. You will find lists of VR such as 'Best of' lists which you can vote on and share with your friends. You can read and post your own VR reviews, watch the latest VR trailers and gameplay videos, chat in the VR forums, build your own list of favourite VR and add new games to your VR Explorer wishlist! We hope you enjoy the site. Please support us by writing reviews on games you own, and voting on our 'Best of' VR lists. Thank you.

Ways you can help me get the site off the ground...

If you like what I am doing and would therefore like to support this venture, there are ways you can easily do so -

  • Join the site!
    This is the single best way you can help, as the site needs members to ultimately succeed in becoming the all-singing-all-dancing community-driven VR website I first dreamt about!
  • Review, Review, Review!
    Please kindly consider writing a review on VR Explorer after each new game you play. Reviews help other VR users know what's good and whats not, and are therefore essential to a lot of people before they make a purchase. You can also create lists if you want, vote on existing lists, and join in with the forums by creating topics or joining in on others. Many thanks!
  • Donate ( if you can afford to)
    The site isn't earning anything at the moment due to the lack of a user base, but I still need to cover the hosting costs, and there is also more development that I need to find funding for, therefore please kindly consider making a small donation if you can afford to, whilst the site is getting off the ground and finding its feet.

Many thanks for your kind support,