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Oculus Rift

2020: Interactive Art Collection

A VR Experience available for Oculus Rift


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Hello visitor / explorer / passenger / hitchhiker,
We are the creators of this parallel universe of art, desert of self-expression or however you would like to describe it.
Go inside and tell us. Where are you? A desert on earth? Another planet?
What is art? Is it a way of self-expression? A way of understanding the universe? Finding a meaning? Or does an art piece have its own entity? Existential crisis, emotions, a character?
Can an art piece develop a relationship with another entity? How do you communicate with an art piece? Is it whispering? Is it possible to hear its words? Or do you have to touch it? To feel it's every bits and bytes on your skin?
"2020" is composed of art pieces created by Mekân Space and our amazing guest artists. “They lived and laughed and loved and left.” So we gathered and created and had this unique art collection.
Each art piece has its own entity and a way of interaction with its visitors. Each art piece has something to tell you.
Get closer to listen.

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